Our Inspiration


Born: 26/01/2017
Breeder: Starzlechien
I Couldn't Live Without My: Daily dog walks
Phobia: Nothing, I am a very brave boy!
When No One's Around I: Sleep
Pet/Human Peeve: Nothing, I am a pretty chill guy
Hidden Talent: I'm a little gas factory 
My Superpower Would Be: To eat anything and everything! 
Don't Tell Anyone But: I am very sensitive. By that I mean, I am allergic to a few things...mostly grass/pollen. I have sensitive skin and can get an upset tummy so my humans need to take good care of me - doesn't stop me from living a full life! 


Born: 15/02/2019

Breeder: Meralla

I Couldn't Live Without My: Cuddles from my humans

Phobia: Dreaded vacuum 

When No One's Around I: Like to hide in the bamboo in the backyard

Pet/Human Peeve: The noise mum makes when blowing raspberries 

Hidden Talent: Perfected the puppy dog eyes 

My Superpower Would Be: To get an infinite amount of cuddles from humans

Don't Tell Anyone But: I was diagnosed with meningitis when I was a puppy which left me paralysed. Thankfully, with the great care received from BVSC, I was able to make a full recovery. The cause...eating possum poo.