About Us

Short and Curly

Frenchie Junction is a clothing store featuring designs inspired by the unique look that is synonymous with French Bulldogs and sharing it with canine lovers around the world. Who knows, we might even convert some feline enthusiasts as well! 

We recognise that it is time for Frenchies to shine in all their glory - be it fawn, brindle or pied. So join in the cause to promote the love of Frenchies! 

The Long Yarn

I still remember the echo in the school yard of the 'K-I-S-S-I-N-G' song. You know the one...first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Now as an adult, I am far wiser than my younger self. I now know that in reality it's...first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a puppy, then comes a baby...then comes another puppy, another baby and a global pandemic which has us locked down in a house filled with chaos and laughter...mostly chaos.

Like many, we mulled over what our first puppy would be. We knew we loved the little smushed-in face of certain breeds like Pugs and Bostons. However, the French Bulldog won our hearts and we were lucky enough to find 'Tucker'. We call him our first born son. We thought this would be a good test drive into parenthood...how wrong we were. Why people ever think that having a puppy is similar to having a baby is ridiculous, but I digress. Tucker has always been our handsome boy and we still fawn (no pun intended) over him!

Just over a year later, we welcomed our first 'human' child, Evelyn, into our brood. As sleepless nights started to subside and the family routine settled down, we started to ponder what life would be like with another addition to the family. To shake things up, we welcomed a little Frenchie girl, 'Tilly'. Almost instantly, the bond between all three little nuggets was formed. 

Just over a year later, we welcomed our second 'human' child, Olivia, into our expanding brood. It felt like déjà vu...maybe it was fate...maybe it was poor planning. In any case, our lives and more importantly, our hearts felt full. 

We soon made a pact... no more puppies. There seemed to be a bit of a trend of puppy-child-puppy-child that we wouldn't dare tempt fate with. So, where did that leave us?

We are fiercely passionate about our love of Frenchies and mulled over how to share this with the world. And so, Frenchie Junction was born. A brain-child of a few too many days in COVID lock-down and sleep deprivation as a result of a second trip to parenthood. 

Wouldn't have it any other way.